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I hope you find the 11 Secrets to Longevity an interesting read – will it change any of your habits and routines?

It did mine – I knew I needed a reason to get up in the morning, a raison d’être. 

So I have put all of my knowledge and experiences into creating a unique and essential programme to support people, like you, to find more meaning and purpose in your life. 

Are you ready to 

(Re)Discover and (Re)Claim YOU, and (Re)Ignite YOUR Passion and Purpose.

How’s it all going for you?

Feeling on top of it all? 

Feeling part of it all?

Or do you feel like life is just passing you by. 

That you are in a ‘groundhog day’ just going through the motion?

Do you know what the point of doing all you do is anymore?

Or perhaps you feel taken for granted?

I know you’ve wondered if you deserve more.

You have needs, wants and dreams, and those matter.

You do matter.  

I know this.

And here’s how I know this – there were times when I felt I didn’t count, that I added nothing of value and that nobody would even notice if I just disappeared. 

The thing is I lacked a reason for living, and had lost my way. 

I had it all, and yet I had nothing.  

It was time to make a change.  It was time to take action

I researched, I did training, I got help. 

This all changed for me when I started taking these actions. 

It was from going through all of this work, learning and training that I came to understood more about my worth and value. 

It took that for me to understand that  I had my future in my hands. 

That I could be seen.

That I could be heard.

And that I counted if I chose to be. 

I just needed to step in and wholeheartedly make the choice to do this.  

You have the power to create a different ending for your story.

You have the power to own your destiny.

You have the power to create your life.

I know, I did it and you can too.  This is exactly what I help women to do.  

I can help you own your story so you can write a different ending.

Own YOUR destiny.  Create YOUR future.

At some point during our lives we will all start to question how we are contributing to something greater than ourselves. 

Are you there now? 

How would you know?  Here’s a good way to start – ask yourself:

    • Are you feeling lost and without much drive or direction in your life?
    • Can you remember the last time you felt alive and joyful, or stopped to really take in what was going on around you?
    • Do you feel that what you do adds no value to life and has no meaningful impact? 
    • Do you feel that you don’t deserve joy, peace and happiness as you are not worthy of it?
    • Does life feel like it just happens to you, that you have no choice about goes on for you? 
    • Are you grappling with some of life’s big questions, like, why am I here?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, and this is the sort of thing that is frequently floating around your mind, then I can relate.

I was once in the same place in this questioning space, most likely feeling a lot like you. 

I felt lost, often questioning what the point was in what I was doing, and looking for value and meaning through earning money, gaining status, investing in the latest gadgets, or a new car or house etc.   

The question is, are you done?

Are you done feeling exhausted?

Are you done feeling more sensitive to everything going on around you?

Are you done getting upset or and feeling that anger that comes in to disrupt your life and your relationships?

Are you done feeling taken for granted?

I wanted the world to just slow down for a short while so I could figure all this out and rest for a short time, before going back ‘out there’ and getting involved again.  

This feeling took me right to the edge of despair. 

And in amongst all of this crazy, there was something in me that kept insisting that I was meant to do more – not more of the same, but something that contributed to a bigger picture. 

It felt vague and intangible, and yet it kept me awake at night, and took away the pleasure I used to find in the things I thought I was supposed to enjoy. 

Does and of that sound familiar?  

I tried everything I could to ignore this niggling feeling, however it became more and more persistent. 

Eventually it got to the point that I could not go on in the way I was and something had to change, yet I had no idea what or how.   

You may have tried the new job, or even separated from a partner to ease the dissatisfaction you feel. 

You are probably at a point now where you really have no idea what to do next to get back some joy, passion and zing in to your life as all your usual go to’s no longer hit the mark. 

My rock bottom was a dark and lonely place.

I found myself utterly disengaged and without any hope.

When I got the support, that was when I was able to move through the crisis. 

My recovery from this took time.  And patience (not my forté). 

And I found I was grappling with some of life’s big questions, and no real idea how to even start trying to find an answer. 

All I did know was this:

    • I was going to have to be more truthful with myself and appropriately vulnerable with others; 
    • I was also going to have to revise what I thought I knew of myself so that I could get in touch with my deeper self and live in alignment with what brought my life meaning;
    • I was going to have to challenge some of my beliefs that were preventing me from living my life soul-fully;
    • I had a lot of self-healing to do, as well as working on my outlook and how I thought about things; and
    • I had some relationship repair work to do, so that I could connect and truly be with those that mattered too.

I have now reached a place that has changed everything for me, where I have come to realise and accept that:

I am enough from within.


“Sarah’s programme is staggeringly good.  Whether you want to overhaul your whole sense of direction and purpose and don’t know where to start, or just want a straightforward, clear and optimistic handrail to guide you as you reflect and review, perhaps on a decision you’ve already made, this week-by-week programme is a perfect one-stop-shop. Having worked in this field myself for over 10 years I am full of admiration for Sarah’s achievement in curating the absolute best of personal development and spiritual learning.  She presents her knowledge and experience with gentle, kind, supportive and motivational inspiration – and you feel you have a friend at your elbow in working through the material. It can feel overwhelming to undertake such a thorough self-audit, with such a big task of defining one’s purpose in our one precious life.  Yet Sarah has managed it and is sharing her hard-won toolkit with the world.”

From all of this inner work, I have created a system that works.   That helps you move from despair to:

    • truly knowing yourself and how you tick;
    • taking back your power by owning that it was always within you;
    • being empowered to create YOUR life.

If you know that it is time, it is finally time for you to feel in charge of your destiny, feel like your life has meaning, and that you matter, get on a call with me and let’s talk. 

Does this sound like something you want to invest in yourself for?  Then let’s get on a call and see how we can work together.