I Am……

A large reservoir surrounded by lush green hills

An inspiring woman (Nikki Love Runs) who I follow on social media shared this the other day:

I am…….

She left the sentence incomplete for two reasons. Firstly because ‘I am’ is actually enough as it is. We are intrinsically worthy as we are. Full stop. Nothing else needed.

Secondly, all after ‘I am’ defines who we are. Nikki was using this statement starter to define where she wanted to go next – she likened it for her as the start of a new chapter.

You see, she had set out on a huge physical challenge – to run 100 marathons in 100 days (I love running, but this is something else!) and on day 13 something happened that left her in severe pain, so much so that her challenge was over…..for now. She could have chosen to feel really down and pitiful around it, or, as she has done, acknowledge the huge disappointment, and then look for a way to go forward – to start that new chapter.

Nikki at the end of day 13 in huge pain.


The words she wrote in her update post really resonated with me, as so much of who we are is what we tell ourselves we are. How many times a day do we say ‘I am…..’? And each time we say that small phrase, we tell ourselves to be that.

I am tired – we then respond like should to feeling tired.

I am hungry – we then find ourselves snacking.

I am crap at time management – so we are late for everything.

I am fat/lazy/ugly/slow………the list of critical words we use to describe ourselves is often endless.

And each time we say these things to ourselves, we believe it a little bit more each time, until we fulfil our descriptors and own the label we have given ourselves. Little bit by little bit, this way of thinking can be insidious. Just as the steady drip of water through rock can carve out great caverns given enough time, so to can out word eat us up from the inside.

A cave formed by water erosion


So what if we were to actually write a new chapter? What if we were to speak to ourselves kindly, and describe ourselves using positive terms instead?

I am kind.

I am patient and tolerant.

I am able to solve problems.

I am able to see this through to finish what I started.

How do you think that would affect the steady drip over time?

I think we would create a reservoir of enough-ness from within ourselves. So that we become enough from within.

A large reservoir surrounded by lush green hills

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