Take back your happy Workshop:

Take Back YOUR Happy
❔ Are you frequently exhausted and on edge?
❔ Do you feel like you’ve lost a bit of your spark?
❔ Has the last 2 years sapped the joy from your life?
❔ Are you ready to do something for yourself to change all of that?
If so, come along to this interactive workshop to learn how YOU can help yourself to calm your nervous system, and feel more optimistic and, well, happy.
During this workshop, you will learn how you can:
✔️ bring yourself back from overwhelm;
✔️ reduce the build-up of stress;
✔️ talk to your body to let it know it is OK to relax;
✔️ start to increase your overall physical health;
✔️ naturally increase your positive feelings;
✔️ increase your happiness and life satisfaction; and
✔️ start to challenge some of the beliefs that frequently stop us from enjoying what we already have.
Essentially we cover some brain science, positive psychology and recent research findings, and explore how you can use that knowledge to your advantage to lift your spirits and Take Back YOUR Happy!
What you will need:
✔️ An open mind
✔️ A willingness to try something new
✔️ A pen
What I will provide:
✔️ A workbook
✔️ An interactive workshop to help you understand how much of this is within YOUR grasp
✔️ Tea/coffee on arrival
✔️ Light lunch (soup and roll)
This workshop is open to everyone who wants to do something about how they are feeling.
Please note that it will not cure any medical or psychological conditions, however, it will support you to change your outlook and mindset towards your life.
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Enjoyed thoroughly – wanted it to go on for longer!

Liz T

Really interesting – helpful to relate stress/emotions to the science behind them.

Sarah B

Basic Navigation Course:

A 4-part basic navigation course (@2 hours a week for 4 weeks) in and around Brecon, aimed at those who have little or no experience using a map and compass. Each week is progressive, building on the week before, and consolidated with homework in between each session.

During the course we will cover the following aspects:

  • Map scales, orientation, symbols & contours;
  • 4, 6 & 8 figure grid references;
  • Use of pacing;
  • Use of a compass;
  • Planning the a route;
  • Skills for poor visibility navigation; and
  • Basic hill safety and recommended minimum contents of a day pack.

The course is run by myself, a qualified Mountain Leader.
£45 for the full course and only 6 places available per cohort.

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I booked onto the navigation course with limited map reading skills and zero knowledge on using a compass. My goal was to be able to take to the hills and find my way back using a map and compass. However, the course taught me so much more than I expected. Instead of just being able to navigate my way home after getting lost, I am now comfortable in planning a route in advance, estimating the time it will take me by factoring in hills, terrain and obstacles and be able to recognise key features on a map. Sarah is a great teacher. She is patient and knowledgeable and always took the time to ensure we all understood before moving on. The course was well structured and enjoyable. Highly recommend if like me you want to be able to be able to safely and confidently enjoy the country side. 

S. Jones / Participant

Intention & Action immersion Workshop

A vision board with a banner saying Intention and Action Immersion Workshop




Without clarity of your aim or vision, how can you work towards a goal?

Quite often we know more what about what we don’t want rather than what we want.

So, do you actually know what you want to be, do and have, either in your personal life or for your business?  And what what you truly want to be, do and have?

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. ” ― Steve Jobs 

Thousands of successful and happy people cite that knowing what they wanted was the first step to actually achieving what they wanted.

Once we have an intellectual clarity on our vision and purpose, we can deepen the level of motivation when we connect emotionally to that vision and purpose.

And this is absolutely critical for ambitious goals, as it takes energy, single-mindedness and dedication, as well as unwavering emotional commitment to overcome the obstacles that invariably arise pursuing a challenging vision.

Unleash YOUR Creativity, Power Up YOUR Imagination, and Set Clear Intentions!

So, how long have you spent lately getting clear on your vision and purpose?


I am offering you an opportunity to do just that:

  • Spend a day working on what you truly and deeply want to BE, DO and HAVE;
  • Gently and creatively explore what lights you up and brings you meaning;
  • Start pulling together a road map for getting from where you are to where you want to be;
  • Start channelling your physical, mental and emotional energy towards achieving those dreams; and
  • Begin creating YOUR future.


The details:

  • 5 hours of guided time to focus on yourself with other like-minded souls.
  • £65 per person
  • (£50 if you book within the ‘early bird’ booking opportunity using the coupon code).
  • Refreshments included (bring your own lunch).
  • All materials provided to make an A2 sized vision board.
  • A workbook to complete to map out your road plan to achieve your goals!


Take some time for YOU.

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I attended Sarah’s Vision Board workshop in January and already feel like I am benefiting from the power of focus and attention. Sarah creates the perfect space and setting to spend time gathering thoughts in a logical, meaningful way and then the fun part, of turning these visions into powerful statements and pictures that make up your vison board.

I’m so proud of mine and just looking at it makes me feel happy and positive and focused. It feels like a great achievement to have captured all of these thoughts and feelings and goals and hopes and dreams and visions on one beautiful A3 board! This wouldn’t ever have happened without Sarah’s own vision for the workshop and her great leadership. It’s a great experience. Give it a go!

Jen - Wiltshire / Workshop Participant

Group Walk/

Navigation Skills practice Days

Group of Walkers

Almost every month there will be an opportunity to attend a led group walk to take in a different part of our beautiful surroundings, and an opportunity to practice navigation skills.  If you have not worked with me before, please select the relevant ‘New Client’ option from the drop down menu on the order page. 

Limited numbers so please book early to avoid disappointment.

As a new client, the costs are:

  • £15 for the group walk
  • £20 for the navigation skills practice day  

Both events cost £10 each for those who have attended or are attending my Basic Navigation Course.

Details of the meet point and actual route upon signing up to the walk.

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“Thanks Sarah!  Wonderful views and wonderful company.”

Valerie B.

“That was great.  Thanks Sarah, and lovely to meet everyone.”

Catriona C.

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