My coaching story


I am a coach and trainer helping people find their life purpose, improve their mental well-being, and develop emotional literacy. I incorporate positive psychology methods into my coaching and training workshops.
My early career in the Army, where I served in a leadership and mentoring role, instilled in me a strong desire to help and support others. I enjoyed being part of a motivated team and often found myself identifying and nurturing talents in young soldiers who lacked confidence and belief in themselves.
After leaving the Army, my journey took a circuitous route through a variety of roles in administration, governance, and project management. Concurrently, I pursued retraining as a photographer and started several businesses. These ventures were instrumental; I constantly learned new skills and deepened my understanding of myself and the world around me. This eclectic array of experiences helped me discern what I wanted (and, just as crucially, what I didn’t want) which guided my eventual shift into the realm of coaching.
All these experiences were essential to my learning journey, providing invaluable insights and shaping who I am today. They equipped me with the skills and empathy that are fundamental to the guidance I offer my clients.
However, the years between leaving the Army and becoming a coach were not without their challenges.

While trying to rediscover my identity beyond uniform and rank, I delved into a plethora of books and participated in various courses and webinars, eager to absorb a wealth of knowledge on subjects that captivated me.

Furthermore, receiving a neurodiversity diagnosis later in life has significantly enhanced my understanding of the world and my personal experiences within it.

Sarah with her Platoon after the log race at RMAS
Sarah with her son on Corn Du
Sarah in the snow with her youngest son
I have transitioned into coaching after realising that many others have gone through similar soul-searching or redefining changes and experiences. My mission now is to guide, support, coach, and empower individuals who have lost their passion for life to (re)discover themselves and (re)ignite their sense of purpose.
Being in nature has played a significant role in helping me find myself. I have found peace and rejuvenation in the hills and the outdoors. Living near the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains, I spend much time walking, running, biking, or climbing with my sons. Therefore, if we work together in person, don’t be surprised if our conversations take us into the outdoors!
Sarah as an 8 year old Brownie
5 year old Sarah in ballet class
Sarah in the Alps

Today, I have curiosity. I still don’t have all the answers (to be honest, I don’t think this is possible). However, what I do have is a surety of myself that was never truly present before; self-awareness, knowledge, understanding, tools, and a mindset I can use to navigate life’s ups and downs, swings and roundabouts. I have found meaning in what I do and my calling, which gives me a drive and purpose that wasn’t at the fore before. I am much happier and have a clear vision of what I want in my future. 

If this sounds like a place you want to be, then get in touch today.