My coaching story


At some point during our lives we will all start to question how we are contributing to something greater than ourselves.  Are you there now?  How would you know?

I was once in the same place in this questioning space, most likely feeling a lot like you: lost, questioning what the point is in what you are doing, looking for value and meaning outside of earning money, gaining status, investing in the latest gadgets, or a new car or house etc.   In this space you are probably exhausted, more sensitive than usual, getting upset or angry more frequently than you want to, and feel taken for granted (probably because you have been carrying the emotional load for others).

I wanted the world to just slow down for a short while so I could figure all this out and rest for a short time, before going back ‘out there’ and getting involved again.  

And in amongst all this crazy, there is something in you that keeps insisting that you were meant to do more – not more of the same, but something that contributed to a bigger picture.  It feels vague and intangible, and yet it keeps you awake at night, and takes away the pleasure you used to find in the things you thought you were supposed to enjoy.    

I tried everything I could to ignore this niggling feeling, however it became more and more persistent. It got to the point that I could not go on in the way I was and something had to change, but I had no idea what or how.   

You may have tried the new job, or even separated from a partner to ease the dissatisfaction you feel.  You are at a point now where you really have no idea what to do next to get back some joy, passion and zing in to your life as all your usual go to’s no longer hit the mark. 

When I hit my rock bottom it was a dark and lonely place. I found myself utterly disengaged and without any hope. My recovery from this took time.  And patience (not my forté). 

With support (including professional counselling) I moved through the immediate crisis.  Yet I found I was grappling with some of life’s big questions, and no real idea how to even start trying to find an answer. 

All I did know was this:

  • I was going to have to be more truthful with myself and appropriately vulnerable with others. 
  • I was also going to have to revise what I thought I knew of myself so that I could get in touch with my deeper self and live in alignment with what brought my life meaning;
  • I was going to have to challenge some of my beliefs that were preventing me from living my life soul-fully;
  • I had a lot of self-healing to do, as well as working on my outlook and how I thought about things; and
  • I had some relationship repair work to do, so that I could connect and truly be with those that mattered too.

This was not an easy path to tread, in fact I had to cut my own path a number of times as there was not the help and support out there to guide me from a place devoid of hope to getting my sanity back and living in a much better head space – knowing that I am enough from within

If any of that feels familiar, and you want a guide to support you out of the dark space, get in touch today and let’s talk. 

The More Official Bio

I am a coach and trainer with expertise in finding life purpose, wellbeing, emotional literacy and navigation; all connected and blended beautifully through finding direction and meaning in life. 

An early career in the Army in a leadership and mentoring role gave me a strong desire to serve others.  I loved being part of a motivated team, often finding myself noticing and nurturing talents in young soldiers whose confidence and belief in themselves was limited. 

Since leaving the Army I have been on what felt like a convoluted path – I became a mother (twice over), looked into working with healing energies, worked in numerous temporary administration roles, reskilled as a photographer, set up small businesses (twice over), qualified as a Programme Manager, all the time learning new skills and building up understandings that helped me to work out what I wanted as well as what I didn’t, before establishing myself as a coach.  All a necessary part of my learning trail, taking me through invaluable experiences that shaped who I am today, and providing me with the skill sets and empathy that absolutely underpin the journey I guide my clients through. 

However, although busy, the years in between leaving the Army and becoming a coach were not plain sailing. 

During my soul searching, I delved into many books and attended an abundance of courses and webinars, absorbing all I could in areas that piqued my interest. 

I devoted all the time I had available to me (and more) to glean as much as I could, so enthralled in the topics that I would often lose track of time.  I allowed myself to explore and follow my heart rather than my usual logical thinking.

My move into coaching has come about from talking to others, and knowing that my soul-searching experience was not uncommon.  I have now made it my mission to guide, support, coach and empower women who have lost their love of life to (re)discover themselves and (re)ignite their meaning in life

Getting back out in nature has been a major factor in finding myself.  I felt restored and my soul lifted being out in the hills and the elements.   Living close to the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains, I will spend many an hour walking, running, biking or climbing either on my own or with my active family (including the dog).  Therefore, if I work with you on a face-to-face basis, don’t be surprised if we head off into the hills whilst we talk!

Today, I have hope.  I still don’t have all the answers (to be honest, I don’t think this is possible), however, what I do have is a surety of myself that was never truly present before; knowledge, understanding, tools and a mindset I can use to see me though the ups and downs in life; and I have found meaning in what I do as well as my calling which gives me a drive and purpose that wasn’t present before.   I am much happier, and I have clear a vision of what I want in my future, and am taking steps daily to turn that vision into reality. 

If this sounds like a place you want to be, then get in touch today.