Change can take many forms and sizes, whether planned or unplanned, welcomed or not, as a natural progression of life or otherwise. It may not have happened yet, but it dominates your thoughts. If you feel somewhat lost by what will happen, or what has happened, this is the space for you.

(Re)Discover YOU, and(Re)Ignite YOUR Passion and Purpose.

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What is going to change for you?

Or, what has happened for you?

Who are you now?

What is important to you?

Throughout our lives, we encounter various changes: forming relationships, receiving health diagnoses, becoming parents, watching children grow up and leave, experiencing menopause, facing job loss or retirement, undergoing divorce or widowhood, relocating, switching careers, or realising we are neurodivergent, among others.

When change looms on the horizon, it often consumes our thoughts. It can be exhilarating and welcome, yet sometimes it brings challenges that leave us uncertain about our feelings. Occasionally, these emotions may collide, leaving us to navigate conflicting sentiments. At times, change strikes without warning, and we find ourselves struggling in its aftermath.

Additionally, many of us undergo an internal transformation. We move from being driven by status, wealth, material possessions, and social media popularity to seeking a life that’s more genuine and perhaps simpler. In this transition, we reassess our values, aspirations, identity, and more, in what might be described as a profound shift of the soul.

At Pinnacle Essence, our commitment is to guide you through the impacts of change, help you reconnect with the forgotten aspects of yourself, and discover new aspects of your identity.

Our aim is to assist you in developing a profound understanding of yourself and what is important to you, enabling you to lead an authentic life.

Our name embodies this: ‘Pinnacle’ signifies the utmost achievement, while ‘Essence’ captures the core nature of who YOU are.

Hi, I’m Sarah

Hi, I am Sarah, and I am a coach and trainer helping people find their life purpose, improve their mental well-being, and develop emotional literacy. I incorporate positive psychology methods into my coaching and training workshops.

My mission is to guide, support, coach and empower individuals who have lost their love of life to (re)discover themselves and (re)ignite their meaning in life. 

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Do you:

  • Need a safe space to explore some of your worries or concerns? 
  • Want to better understand yourself and your behaviour, thoughts and beliefs?
  • Make lasting change and increase your overall well-being and outlook?

1:1 coaching could be exactly what you are looking for.

Or have you:

  • Lost yourself and your way in the fog of life, not feeling the joy in what you do anymore?
  • Got a nagging pull towards something that isn’t in your life right now, yet cannot put your finger on it?

Then my Coaching Programme (which comes from extensive research) will help you to find your soul essence and start living in that space.

Speaking, Training, workshops & Facilitation

From shame and perfectionism to positive intelligence, self-awareness and purpose – have your workshops facilitated for you. These are tailored workshops with interactive sessions, dedicated time for personal reflection, group activities, and discussions. For private VIP events, workplace seminars, school sessions or more, let’s explore your needs and how I can assist you.

navigation & GUIDED Walks

Fancy learning a new skill, or want to dust off an old one? My basic navigation courses are aimed at those who have little or no experience using a map and compass.  For individuals or groups, these courses cover both theory and practice. 

I also offer guided group walks and navigation skills practice – just get in touch to see how we can work together.

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