This is where you will find your path in life by

(Re)Discovering and (Re)Claiming YOU, (Re)Igniting YOUR Passion and Purpose,
and Feeling YOUR Worth

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How’s it all going for you?

Feeling on top of it all?

Feeling part of it at all?

Do you feel like life is just passing you by, that you are in a ‘groundhog day’, going through the motions, hoping it will change just enough to break the cycle?

Do you know what the point of doing all you do is anymore? Or perhaps you feel taken for granted?

How about wondering if you deserve anything more? 
That your needs, wants and dreams matter? 
That you matter?

Well, you do matter.  Honestly, you do. 

I know this, as there were times when I felt I didn’t count, that I added nothing of value and that nobody would even notice if I just disappeared.  I lacked a reason for living, and had lost my way.  I had it all, and yet I had nothing.   That changed for me when I understood more about my worth and value, that I had my future in my hands and I could be seen, heard and counted if I chose to be. 

I can help you own your story so you can write a different ending.

Own YOUR destiny.  Create YOUR future.

Hi, I’m Sarah

Hi, I am Sarah, and I am a coach and trainer with expertise in finding life purpose, wellbeing, emotional literacy and navigation; all connected and blended beautifully through finding direction and meaning in life. 

My mission is to guide, support, coach and empower women like you who have lost their love of life to (re)discover themselves and (re)ignite their meaning in life. 

But it wasn’t always like this…

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Do you:

  • Need a safe space to explore some of your worries or concerns? 
  • Want to better understand yourself and your behaviour, thoughts and beliefs?
  • Make lasting change and increase your overall wellbeing and outlook?

1:1 coaching could be exactly what you are looking for.

Or have you:

  • Lost your way in the fog of life, not feeling the joy in what you do anymore?
  • Got a nagging pull towards something that isn’t in your life right now, yet cannot put your finger on it?

Then my Life Purpose Programme (which comes from extensive research) will help you to find your soul essence and start living in that space.

Speaking, Training, workshops & Facilitation

From shame and perfectionism to positive intelligence, self-awareness and purpose – have your workshops facilitated for you. These are tailored workshops with interactive sessions, allowing time for individual reflection as well as group activities and discussion. For private VIP events, workplace seminars, school sessions or more, let’s discuss what you want and how I can support you.

Vision Board Experiences

Feel like spending time getting clear on what you want to Be, Do and Have in your life?  Take a day to reflect and join in a Vision Board Experience. As humans we are wired to connect visually with the world, so aligning our dreams, desires and goals with visual representation can significantly increase the emotional commitment to reaching your intended life path.


Fancy learning a new skill, or want to dust off an old one? My basic navigation courses are aimed at those who have little or no experience using a map and compass.  For individuals or groups, these courses cover both theory and practice. 

I also offer guided group walks and navigation skills practice – just get in touch to see how we can work together.

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